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Everything Nobody Told You About Cannabis

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For years we have been told that cannabis has no medicinal value. But science provides us with information to show that cannabis is medicine.

Do you want to know how cannabis works? Wondering why our bodies respond to cannabinoids? Watch this video where The Kush Nurse brings you the science and facts about cannabis medicine.

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My Story

I was in pain, exhausted and dragging myself through the day. My family needed me and I didn’t have the energy to show up.
I wanted to feel alive again. 

So, I took matters into my own hands.

Hello there,

My name is Sandra Guynes and I’m the resident nurse aka The Kush Nurse.

I’ve helped hundreds of women and families start their wellness journey with plant medicine and take control of their lives and health. 

I believe cannabis can change your life, transform your health and give you the control you need to live a healthier more joy filled life. 

Cannabis radically transformed my life from daily pain, physical and mental exhaustion to living a life that is healthy, full of joy and one that I can control and maintain. I truly believe cannabis can be transformative.

Are you ready to experience that change?


My mom was so impressed with your care! Thank you for doing what you do!
There was a powerful and meaningful exchange there. She’s retired but it meant a lot to to her to be speaking to someone who is also an RN who gets it…so thank you so much! – C.

Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday and creating a safe and judgement-free space. I felt at ease after our consult.  – D.

I am damn near in tears!!! Thank you for your help. Seriously this is way better than the edible especially when I need to be productive. This is my new daytime jam. Where do I need to put the testimonial because I am telling everyone about it!! – V.

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Cannabis and Hashimotos Thyroiditis: A Personal Journey

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Autoimmune Conditions and Cannabis

Autoimmune Conditions and Cannabis

What does the science state? Last month I was honored to represent, Cannabis Nurses of Color during a live discussion with Minorities for Medical Marijuana. The topic of discussion was autoimmune disorders that affect black and brown communities and the benefits of...

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CBD Products Specific to Black Women’s Wellness

CBD Products Specific to Black Women’s Wellness

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, Black adults in the U.S. are “more likely than white adults to report persistent symptoms of emotional distress, such as sadness, hopelessness, and feeling like everything is an...

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Are you ready to get past the cycle of pain, depression and stress?

Pain, stress, anxiety, depression can create a cycle that is a struggle to escape.

Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle that can support your healing? What if you could have a plan, have the right tools and someone to help guide you as you take the next steps?

Wondering if cannabis medicine is the right option for you? Have you tried cannabis and still aren't sure of how to get the relief you need?

Book a session to get more focused attention and a personalized plan to get you feeling better and back to living the life you love.

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Will cannabis work for my condition?

The Endocannabinoid System is unique in each individual. While some may experience benefits from cannabis for certain symptoms others not. It may also be necessary to try a variety of methods, products and tools to find the right medicine for your relief.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept health insurance plans. We recommend our clients do submit their coaching/consultant bill to their Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Accounts for reimbursement. Your reimbursement may be approved.

Do you provide medical cannabis recommendations or certification?

The Kush Nurse does not provide medical cannabis recommendations or certifications. Our consultations are solely for educational purposes and not medical advice.

What products do you recommend?

During a consultation, I will work with you to review your local dispensary offerings if you are in a legal state.

For other states without medical programs or dispensary access the hemp derived products I recommend are NurseGrown Organics 

You may use promo code: KUSHNURSE for free shipping

Is cannabis legal in my state? Is "CBD" hemp products allowed in my state?

Cannabis legalization is fast changing to ensure you know what is happening in your state we recommend visiting norml.org. Norml provides national and state specific information on cannabis laws.