Exhale to Thrive

The Kush Nurse Community

Safe space to explore cannabis for health and wellness.

Are you ready to explore the healing potential of cannabis?

This community is a place to explore cannabis as medicine, learn how to heal and positively change your health and wellness with plant medicine. Together we are creating opportunities for women to reframe their narratives of health and wellness as we move together to achieve generational health.

What to Expect

A safe space to explore cannabis for health, wellness and joy.

Cannabis is a tool. Inside Exhale to Thrive you will get to experience the many ways to incorporate cannabis not only to help you heal but to help you live better. 

Supportive community of women on a healing journey.

Ready to dive deeper into your cannabis journey.  Women who want to elevate their wellness and lifestyle with cannabis but also want the facts and knowledge of nurse.

Live Coaching with The Kush Nurse

Each week you’ll have an opportunity to listen in or get your cannabis health questions answered during our live coaching sessions.

Immersive Experiences.

These experiences give you an opportunity to learn, connect and get hands on with plant medicine. DIY classes, cooking classes, movement, breathwork, yoga and more. If you are ready to learn and transform your health with cannabis you won’t want to miss these workshops.

Membership Details

Basic Community Membership

Includes weekly group health coaching calls with The Kush Nurse, guided health and wellness challenges & a private community to support your journey.

More Details
  • Four monthly group coaching calls (a $100 monthly value!)
  • Health & wellness guided and supported challenges
  • Private, supportive community to bolster your growth


The Experience Membership

Supporting your journey with special meditation events, discounts to workshops, and everything included in the Community Membership.

More Details
  • Two monthly workshop events ($90 monthly value!)
  • Weekly group health coaching calls ($100 monthly value!)
  • Discounted tickets to special events
  • Special access to Sandra Guynes – The Kush Nurse
  • Special health & wellness guides & challenges
  • Everything included in Community membership


Why You Belong Here

Come as you are.

Exhale to Thrive is a supportive community of canna curious, canna exploring and canna confident women who are focused on elevating their wellness. The experiences inside the group are uplifting, creative and focused on nurturing your cannabis journey and health.

Ready to release the stigma and fear that are keeping you from healing and fully embracing this cannabis journey?

Want to be more confident on how to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle?

Ready to transform your health and wellness with a supportive community so you don’t have to do it alone?

Thank you for your group. It is SO needed!  It’s crazy that such a life transformative plant has been made into this bad thing. The group has helped me tremendously to feel like I’m not alone on this journey.

Hey Sandra!! The class was amazing!!!! Thank you for educating us!! The massage oil I added lavender essential oil to it. Also thank you for those product recommendations. I’m ordering that supplement you recommended today. Thank you!!!

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Will cannabis work for my condition?

The Endocannabinoid System is unique in each individual. While some may experience benefits from cannabis for certain symptoms others not. It may also be necessary to try a variety of methods, products and tools to find the right medicine for your relief.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept health insurance plans. We recommend our clients do submit their coaching/consultant bill to their Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Accounts for reimbursement. Your reimbursement may be approved.

Do you provide medical cannabis recommendations or certification?

The Kush Nurse does not provide medical cannabis recommendations or certifications. Our consultations are solely for educational purposes and not medical advice.

What products do you recommend?

During a consultation, I will work with you to review your local dispensary offerings if you are in a legal state.

For other states without medical programs or dispensary access the hemp derived products I recommend are NurseGrown Organics 

You may use promo code: KUSHNURSE for free shipping

Is cannabis legal in my state? Is "CBD" hemp products allowed in my state?

Cannabis legalization is fast changing to ensure you know what is happening in your state we recommend visiting norml.org. Norml provides national and state specific information on cannabis laws.