What is the emotional pain you experience, due to the physical pain you are in?

Pain is both physical and emotional.

Stress, lifestyle and chronic illness can create pain cycles that are never ending.

Perhaps you have pain and struggle to get moving and then…

You consider the idea of moving… As you begin to think of what movement to take you start to imagine the pain.

Your body goes into fight or flight mode and you begin to physically manifest and/or increase the intensity of your physical pain.

You feel discouraged and lack the motivation to move.

You never leave the couch.

You repeat this cycle.

Pain creates an emotional response or pain some may identify it as depression, sadness or anxiety. Others might express through anger, withdrawal or bitterness toward their condition.

In the book The Body Keeps Score, we see so many examples of how trauma makes its home in our bodies and finds ways to manifest during our times of illness or injury. Many of the conditions we experience can be exacerbated by these underlying traumas and coping methods from our past.

Working on rebalancing our endocannabinoid system can help us work through some of the issues affecting us by healing the root cause.

Books can be found: bit.ly/kushshop

Simple ways to begin moving even when experiencing emotional pain and physical pain is to BREATHE.


I encourage you all to find binaural beats on youtube or check out my earlier sound meditation videos on this page. Here’s one to get you started.

Listen with both earbuds in and just breathe. Let the sound and the breath work through you.

What is the emotional pain you experience due to the physical pain you are in?


It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t left you without a dope rhyme to step to… 🎶🎧

But I’m back… doing the work isn’t just about helping others it’s filling my vessel first. I have had some amazing adventures these past few weeks and settling into my role at Pacific College. It’s a privilege, this I know and give thanks for daily to teach Cannabis Medicine at a college. It’s humbling to show up for the first time as your whole self in a traditional setting.

Today I am grateful for this journey and committed to filling this vessel first so I can keep doing this incredible work.

Today’s walk was all about clarity and peace thanks to @nursegrown_vermontcannanurse hemp flower “Suver Haze” 🌞🌞 Just a nice, chill vibe.

Healthy consumption methods matter and my @davincivaporizer never fails me.

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Excited to host this masterclass with brilliant @lacannanursenavigator for @cannanursescnoc

Interested in cannabis nursing or unsure where to start?

FREE Cannabis Nursing Masterclass on Monday, May 9th 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST.

This class will answer many of the questions nurses have about cannabis nursing as well as provide valuable insights on the opportunities available for nurses in this space.

Registration is required. Link in bio

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Happy 420!!! 💚🌿Grateful for this plant and this community. We keep working and fighting for access, freedom and healing.

Keep that Endocannabinoid lit today! Enjoy! 💚🙏🏼

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