Chronic pain & the effects of overconsuming edibles with Voneva Denham

Creative Entrepreneur and mom, Voneva Denham, talks chronic pain, the effects of overconsuming edibles, teens and cannabis.

As an active mom and creative entrepreneur, Voneva Denham couldn’t let the pain she was experiencing keep her from living a full and present life. She shares her cannabis journey and how ultimately her views on cannabis use have changed. A mom to a toddler and a young adult, Voneva shares the trial and errors of her cannabis journey and how cannabis has been a tool in her health and wellness regime. Her candid chat about some common issues people face when having high doses of edibles is so relatable. 

Overindulging on edibles is the number one “negative” effect that people report to The Kush Nurse as a fear associated with cannabis use, paranoia being the second. 

Voneva shares about her teenage daughter using cannabis, her reactions and her policy about cannabis use in her home. As a cannabis patient now, she has had to navigate those past experiences with her family and like so many other parents who use cannabis as medicine she has had to find her own policy of adopting normalization of cannabis use in her home. 

As a patient who prefers not to smoke or vape, Voneva shares some of the unpleasant side effects of consuming cannabis without knowledge of dosage as she shares a lighthearted recollection of her first cannabis experiences.

Listen in and as always if I can help guide you on your cannabis journey visit the booking page to schedule a nurse consultation.

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It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t left you without a dope rhyme to step to… 🎶🎧

But I’m back… doing the work isn’t just about helping others it’s filling my vessel first. I have had some amazing adventures these past few weeks and settling into my role at Pacific College. It’s a privilege, this I know and give thanks for daily to teach Cannabis Medicine at a college. It’s humbling to show up for the first time as your whole self in a traditional setting.

Today I am grateful for this journey and committed to filling this vessel first so I can keep doing this incredible work.

Today’s walk was all about clarity and peace thanks to @nursegrown_vermontcannanurse hemp flower “Suver Haze” 🌞🌞 Just a nice, chill vibe.

Healthy consumption methods matter and my @davincivaporizer never fails me.

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Excited to host this masterclass with brilliant @lacannanursenavigator for @cannanursescnoc

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Happy 420!!! 💚🌿Grateful for this plant and this community. We keep working and fighting for access, freedom and healing.

Keep that Endocannabinoid lit today! Enjoy! 💚🙏🏼

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